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Lovers at Netflix’s panel for The dark Crystal: Age of Resistance got an early preview of episode 1 at comic-Con on Friday. whilst reviews for the brand new Lisa Henson-produced collection are nonetheless embargoed till closer to the show’s launch, we wanted to share our spoiler-unfastened first impressions of the ideal.

First things first: The darkish Crystal: Age of Resistance is fabulous – the sets are meticulously special and jaw-droppingly immersive, creating a living, breathing world that feels highly lived-in. it is the subtle touches that definitely promote the complete manufacturing, from the multitude of captivating creatures that inhabit the mystical international of Thra, to the dreamlike towns, caves, and landscapes that the Gelflings call domestic. The Henson business enterprise has usually excelled at international-building and creating considerate mythologies that resonate with adults and children alike, and that’s specifically authentic of Age of Resistance, which deepens the movie’s universe in smart approaches at the same time as never losing sight of what made the original so memorable.

The Gelfling puppets nevertheless have a slightly creepy air of secrecy (some more than others, for the reason that each of the unique Gelfling clans have barely distinctive appearances), with Taron Edgerton’s Rian and Alicia Vikander’s Mira seeming the most prone to journey into the Uncanny Valley, even as Nathalie Emmanuel’s Deet appears just simple cute. however the vocal performances and superior puppetry make it easy to engage with these new characters, particularly Emmanuel’s adventurous Deet and Anya Taylor pleasure’s inquisitive princess Brea.

And fans of the unique (or individuals who have been traumatized with the aid of it as youngsters) may be pleased to know that the Netflix collection retains the equal undercurrent of darkness that made the movie so indelible; there are genuinely moments in the hourlong pilot that could be too disturbing for young youngsters, in particular since the detail of the puppets makes the tale feel more tactile and instantaneous than an animated display, despite the fact that it is still slightly more heightened and fantastical than a stay-movement manufacturing. The Skeksis are simply as malevolent and wicked as you’ll need them to be, and it is no marvel that Mark Hamill, in particular, shines as one of the Skesis scientists, running to harness the strength of the titular crystal for devious ends.

we will have a complete evaluation of dark Crystal: The Age of Resistance toward its August 30 greatest, but judging with the aid of the most appropriate, Louis Leterrier and his group have created some thing sincerely specific in latest tv landscape, brimming with nostalgia and reverence for the original film, however innovative sufficient to trap a brand new technology of enthusiasts. We can not wait to look extra.

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